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Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of the PTO is to encourage parents and teachers to assist with various school activities/functions/services, provide financial assistance where needs are identified within the school, foster a community atmosphere, and support the mission and vision of the school and school district.

How do I become a member?

If you are a parent or guardian of a child attending the Bay Haven School of Basics Plus, you are already a member of the PTO. There are no dues to pay, no membership forms, and no secret handshakes. Sign up for more information here on our website and find out how you can help make your child’s school even better than it already is.

What does it mean to be a member?

That depends on you! We invite you to become an active participant in your student’s education by being an active participant at Bay Haven School of Basics Plus. The level of involvement is up to you! Whether your involvement is chairing a PTO committee, participating on a committee, volunteering in the classroom, reading with your child at night, or visiting to eat lunch with your children, you play an essential role!

Why should I be a participating member?

“When schools, families, and communities work together to support learning, children tend to do better in school, stay in school longer, and like school more.”
Research shows that it pays to get involved. Participation through volunteering allows you to be “hands-on” with your child’s education. Our children love to see us in this environment where they spend so many hours a day. You get to know your children’s teachers and your children’s friends.
*All families of Bay Haven School of Basics Plus are required to log 10 hours per school year.

What is a PTO?

A PTO (Parent Teacher Organization)is an independent, unaffiliated group. Each PTO has its own set of bylaws that govern the organization’s activities. A PTO is a 503cb and is tax-exempt.

How can I get involved/volunteer?

At open house each year, the PTO board members and committee chairs are in the cafeteria to sign up volunteers for every committee. You may sign up to volunteer at this event, contact a board member or committee chair( contact on our website), or on the *PTO Website under Volunteer Opportunities. If you are interested in chairing a committee, please feel free to ask the chair or a board member. Also, at any time during the school year, please feel free to contact one of the PTO board members to let them know you would like to volunteer. Parent involvement is encouraged and appreciated!

What happens at PTO meetings, and when are they held?

Each meeting follows a specific agenda, which typically includes reports from major committees, a report from the Principal, and a report from each PTO board member. Time is also allotted for discussion of new ideas and activities. Please check the school calendar for times and locations on this website. Any PTO member is welcome and encouraged to attend.

What are the benefits of attending PTO meetings?

Participation through attendance at PTO meetings gives you a voice. You can provide valuable input that will help decide what we do as a group. You have the knowledge that, with your participation and involvement, the educational and social experiences of all students at Bay Haven have been greatly enhanced. If you are new to the Bay Haven family, the established families are available to answer questions and ease your transition into becoming a school family. If you are new to our community, we’re always happy to help wherever possible. An added bonus is that you have the opportunity to meet wonderful people who can become great friends.

How may I get information about the school during the summer months?

We are proud of our school website and use it to communicate information to our families. Newsletters, calendars, supply lists, and other valuable information about the school are posted on this site. We encourage you to bookmark the site and visit it often for the latest information.